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June 21, 2007

Keep your online inventory up-to-date

Our experience shows that regular file uploads help resolve availability issues and thereby the associated completion issues that sellers have.

We recommend that you upload your complete inventory once per week to ensure that you are always up to date. If you have sold items through other sources in between that time, it is important to update your inventory on AbeBooks as soon as possible.

This can be done using one of the methods below:

Delete_oims_4 Online Inventory Management- If you have an internet connection in your shop, you could delete a book from your inventory directly online there and then, using the [List and Maintain your Books] function on your Members Menu. If you delete a book online directly and then mark it as sold in your book file at the end of the day, you would minimise the risk of multiple orders for the same book. When deleted online the book is immediately deleted from your online inventory. 

Delnum_sampleDelnum Files:can be sent daily, or more frequently if necessary. A delnum file should contain the book IDs of those titles that have been sold through other channels, and which therefore need to be deleted from the sellers AbeBooks inventory.

A delnum file can be created in a text editor program. The book ID of the books to be removed, should be entered on a separate line, and the file sent as a normal upload. This file should be saved as delnum.txt or delnum.tab (to see which extension you will need, look at the files you normally send up and use the same extension e.g. abedata.txt)

IMPORTANT: Remember to update your book file with those deleted books to ensure that when you next upload a file those books are not re-loaded.

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