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February 15, 2007

Completion Rates

As we continue to monitor sellers completion rates, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all those sellers who have been actively working with us to improve the number of their completed orders. The results have been very good so far and we look forward to further improvements in the future.

We would also like you give you some good practise tips to ensure that you can keep your completion rates above the current minimum requirement of fulfilled orders - 80% fulfilled orders (i.e. orders that make it to the buyer and are not returned.)

Our Top Tips for good completion rates:

  • Send up daily delnum (delete) files of the titles you sell through other channels.
  • Homebase Users: Mark titles no longer available as [Sold] instead of deleting them.
  • Upload your complete inventory on a weekly basis.
  • Do a purge and reload on a monthly basis.
  • Make sure that you do regular inventory checks to ensure that you are listing titles that you can provide. For more information on managing your inventory, please review our online help pages: Upload and manage your inventory
  • Avoid buyer disappointment by listing single titles on only one sales channel at any one time.
  • Check your orders online in your account to ensure that you have not missed any - emails are sent for every order, but may get lost in transmission and therefore we store a record of all orders in your account. For more information on order processing, please review our online help pages: How do I receive notifications for ordered books?
  • Never let orders Expire - these will be held against your completion ratings.
  • Sr_orders_included1


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